Audison AP4.9 bit amplifier processor

The AP 4 amplifier was designed for the integration into OEM front/rear systems where a lot of power is required. The built-in processor that this amplifier shares with the AP8.9 bit provides the ability to assign the pre-outs to the AP1 D amplifier to drive a subwoofer, to the AP4 D amplifier to have 4 additional amplified channels exceeding 1000 W power.

AP4.9 bit amplifier is ideal for creating a powerful two-way fully active front system.

The built-in processor that this amplifier shares with the AP8.9 bit provides the ability to assign the pre-outs to an AP1 D amplifier or similar mono amp.  This will create the ultimate system with huge power in a small space thanks to the “rack mounting” system.

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Audison Prima Compact amplifiers with built-in 7 DSP presets, making it possible to take complete advantage of the bit Drive potential with just a simple selector, fine-tuned for the most common setups specific to the amplifier model. The Audison Prima amplifiers are all D Class Full Range. Quick release connectors facilitate Plug & Play installations using wiring kits specific for different car models, maximum integration with the vehicle's OEM system.

These car amplifiers are characterised by extremely compact dimensions and elegant look. For the first time, Audison has made an amplifier equipped with a built-in processor. This feature opens a new era: the incredible power of our DSP (Digital Sound Processor) is now put at the service of OEM Integration. The presence of the processor ensures full compatibility of Prima amplifiers with the bit Drive technology: the amplifiers feature seven Drive pre-sets corresponding to different system set-ups, selectable according to your own preference via a rotary dial.

This solution reduces the set-up time to a minimum, also eliminating the possibility of error. It is also possible to create your own pre-set using PC software supplied with the product, giving you fingertip control of all the DSP parameters. Additionally, thanks to the bit Drive Portal, more presets can be downloaded and shared with other users in the community. The built-in DSP functions are similar to those found on Audison bit Ten and bit One, but there is something new and important on the equalizer output. 

Unlike a 31-band graphic equalizer, the AP bit equalizer features 10 parametric points? so you can draw the target curve via the PC software. This solution preserves a noticeable amount of resources for the DSP, providing a better acoustic response, thanks to the drastic reduction of phase variations found in graphic equalizers. 

The R&D team have succeeded in the difficult task of condensing traditional Audison power and quality into an amplifier you can fit in the palm of your hand. The reduction in dimension was achieved with the use of a special power supply, never employed in Car Audio before, along with the most advanced electronic components available in the market. All of this together provides the ability to achieve high power delivery, ensuring, at the same time, unheard of thermal stability. Allowing reduced gauge power supply cables. Prima amplifiers have an innovative management circuit which constantly monitors in real-time the power supply current consumption. If a high amount of current is requested for a long duration, which may heat up the cables, the circuit immediately limits only the power peaks, letting the amplifier continue to play. This solution provides higher safety and reliability in OEM upgrade applications. The innovative power supply stage ensures very high efficiency and stability for the amplifiers, for short term operation with as little as 7 Volts! This eliminates the numerous problems and disadvantages integrating after-market systems with vehicles that have Start - Stop technology.

Power Output
Load Imp.    4 Channels    2 Channels (bridge)
4 Ohm    70 W x 4    260 W x 2
2 Ohm    130 W x 4