Rainbow DSP1.8 DSP processor

Multichannel DSP from one of the biggest European car audio brands.


6 RCA or high level inputs, 8 channels out plus AUX input.

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  • Analog Device 56 Bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP)
  • Burr Brown High-End Audio AD/DA Converter
  • 6 PreAmp inputs
  • 6 High Level inputs
  • 1 Stereo Aux input (3.5mm jack)
  • 1 Telephone / Navigation input with auto-sense function
  • 1 Mini USB input
  • SPDIF input / output (optical, pass through possible)
  • 8 PreAmp outputs
  • Supports Start/Stop vehicles


App Features

  • 30 band parametric equalizer
  • High- / Low- / Band-Pass with up to 30 dB / octave slope
  • Butterworth / Bessel / Chebychev filters
  • Time alignment with up to 4,82 meters (14,6 ms) adjustable in 7mm (0,02ms) steps
  • Large overview page for fast check of current settings
  • Possibility to save/reload DSP configuration from a CLOUD storage provider
High-Level Input Impedance 33 Ohm
RCA Input Impedance > 47 Ohm
RCA Input Sensitivity 2 Vrms
High-Level Input Sensitivity 20 Vrms
Aux Input Sensitivity 1 Vrms
Input Attenuation (High Level & RCA) 0 - 15 dB
RCA Output Level 5 Vrms
RCA Output Impedance 50 Ohm
SNR RCA Input >100 dB
SNR AUX Input >96 dB
SNR Toslink Input >106 dB
SNR USB/WiFi input >106 dB
THD 0,003%
Frequency response (+/-0,1 dB) 20 - 20.000 Hz
Channel Separation >90 dB
Supply voltage 6,5 V - 15 V
Current Draw (operation) 0,6 A @ 14,4 V
Remote Output current (max.) 1,2 A
Digital Signal Processor Analog Devices ADAU1442 (56-Bit)
Audio Codec Burr Brown PCM3168
Operational Amplifier Burr Brown OPA2134
Differential Receiver Burr Brown INA2134
Microprocessor NXP Cortex-M3

The digital sound processor of rainbow now offers options that were not available to date. The excellent combination of versatile connection options, the comfortable, modern operation and technical innovations make the rainbow DSP 1.8 an indispensable highlight in every sound installation. This gain in sound, features and comfort simply can not be missed.

That‘s German engineering for touching and listening.