Mongoose MAP80G GNZ

The MAP80GNZ & MAP80G models are controlled from your cars existing factory remote control. 
These models 'upgrade' the vehicles original central locking to a full 5 Star security alarm and immobiliser system.

Each model is equipped with two automatic engine immobilisers (which is in addition to any factory immobilisation), full alarm functions, 2 stage impact sensor (G model), microphone glass break sensor (G & GNZ model), 'Standards' all black wiring, battery back-up siren and a range of programmable options.

 The MAP80G model has all the features of the GNZ but has the additional benefits of the 2 stage impact/shock sensor.
If your vehicle already has remote controlled central locking, then consider a MAP80 model - it was specifically designed for your vehicle.

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  • interfaces with your existing remote control
  • automatic dual circuit engine immobiliser
  • bonnet, boot and door protection
  • battery back-up siren 
  • glass break sensor (G & GNZ)
  • 2 stage impact sensor (G)
  • all black wiring
  • PIN coded override - programme your own number
  • chirp confirmation
  • light flash confirmation
  • turbo timer interface software
  • a range of programmable features