Escort Max 3 radar detector with GPS

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The best from Escort just got better with the Max 3.

The next generation MAX combines premium range, advanced filtering, and auto-learning intelligence for a radar detector that’s the next generation of connected detection systems!

The Passport Max 3 has a powerful receiver equipped with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology for faster scans and more advanced warning against “instant on” radar threats. It also has the ability to separate radar signals from RF interference and extraneous signals and “noise” for even accuracy.

The Passport Max 3 has a multi-color graphic OLED display with brilliant graphics so you can quickly and easily identify threats. The display colors are also user-selectable, so you can choose the color that best matches the look and ambiance of your vehicle’s interior.

Plus, buy it from NZ Radars and you know it’s been set up properly, ready to go.  Minimum false alerts, personalised settings for the quietest possible ride without unnecessary interruptions.

What’s in the box?

  • EZ MAG Mount
  • SmartCord USB Charger with AutoMute
  • Travel Case