Forget COVID. 

The real issue crippling the world right now is severe stock limitations or shortages.


Shipping lane closures or blockages, cargo ship fires, manufacturing factory fires, staff shortages, and of course regional lockdowns due to COVID.  These are all factors that seem to have happened at once.  

The result?

Stock is getting harder to secure. It doesn't matter which industry.  Building products, new cars, electronics - everything is on "go slow", and the fact New Zealand is so isolated doesn't help.


We've done our best to secure as much of the best product available and have CarPlay/Android Auto options in stock with new stock perpetually on back order.


We currently have 7, 9 and 10 inch CarPlay AndroidAuto units from Sony, Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood and even JVC. 

Take a look at our CarPlay and AndroidAuto units here.

Stock really is limited, and if you miss out then sometimes it could take a few weeks to get the specific head unit back into stock that you're after.

Keep in mind that the CarPlay and AndroidAuto features are really all the same, be it factory instalkled in a $500,000 Audi or an $800 JVC.