K40 Radar Detectors Auckland

K40 Radar Detectors available here in New Zealand

Drive Without Limits

The most advanced radar detector and laser jamming system in the world.

360º of High-Performance Protection

The K40 RL360i is the most sophisticated radar detector in NZ.

  • Front and rear sensors
  • Invisible stealth installation
  • Optional controller
  • Amazing distance and range

The K40 RL360i radar detector – read more

Unmatched Protection vs Price

The K40 RL200i fits in any car
  • Compact hidden front sensor
  • Invisible stealth installation
  • Optional controller
  • Theft proof!

The K40 RL200i radar detector – read more

K40 has been making the most advanced radar detectors in the world since 1981 in the USA. That commitment to product excellence coupled with the real world expertise and dedication to service of the K40 team is what keeps their customers coming back again and again.  

The K40 stealth radar detectors are the most discreet in the world.  Thanks to the inclusion of a wireless remote, installation and operation of the radar detector can be totally integrated into the car's instrument cluster making it look completely factory.  Out of sight, out of mind - until you're in the sights of police.  You'll only see or hear from the K40 when you need it.

Rapid Radio only brings the best to New Zealand and as a K40 Premier Dealer we can offer full warranty and manufacturer support.