Audio Upgrades

From New Zealand's most experienced European audio specialist

"Upgrade" doesn't automatically mean bigger and louder. Upgrade just means better, and better means whatever you need it to be.

Need a little more bass, or a LOT more bass, clear vocals or brighter crispness? Maybe a little of each? Whatever is most important to you about the sound inside your McLaren, we can make it better.

Depending on which system you choose, the simple fact alone that YOU have control over it makes it better than factory.  

Instead of a factory system sounding "good to everyone", we can adjust everything about your new system instead.  The type of speakers and subwoofer, the size of subwoofer, the processor, the amount of power in the amplifier, how the fully adjustable EQ (up to 31 bands) is set, all play a part in how the system will sound.  

Clarity. Seamless Control. Invisible.

Factory look, customised sound

Don't let the fact you can't change the factory stereo be a deterrant.  We can still adjust every part of the sound based on the type of songs you listen to, even if you love a good country and western rap metal fusion.  

Everything looks the same, no holes cut or visible changes, and everything can be reverted back to factory when you sell.

Better vs Louder

While we can make it louder, that doesn't automatically mean it's better. 

Better is better. 

But louder AND better is still an option as well.