Radar Detectors FAQ

Rapid Radio is Auckland's most experienced radar detector team.

We supply and install the biggest variety of radar detection and laser protection systems available. We have all of the relevant test equipment, the same radar and laser guns used by New Zealand police as well which means not only do we know how to install the very best, we understand how it works too.

Talk to us about the best fully installed stealth radar detector systems in the world with European kings Stinger and Genevo plus on-glass windscreen mounted options as well from Escort, Genevo, Beltronics, and Uniden.

If you've never bought a radar detector, it can be a daunting subject for many with a LOT of opinion around and plenty of misguided advice and theories.

Rapid Radio has been supplying and installing aftermarket upgrades in the best cars in New Zealand for over 40 years, and we've been part of the radar detector market since forever.  Not sure what to believe?  Call us, email us - we can help.