Radar Detectors

Rapid Radio is Auckland's most experienced radar detector team.

We supply and install the biggest variety of radar detection and laser protection systems available.  We have all of the relevant test equipment, the same radar and laser guns used by New Zealand police as well which means not only do we know how to install the very best, we understand how it works too.

Talk to us about the best fully installed stealth radar detector systems in the world with European kings Stinger and Genevo, along with the well known EscortUniden and Genevo brand on-glass windscreen mounted options as well.


Are police radar detectors legal in New Zealand?

Unlike most states in Australia, the use of radar detectors in New Zealand is completely 100% legal.   It's even been considered by past New Zealand governments, but even some of the experts can't agree on how they affect driving.

Will a radar detector pick up fixed pole-mounted speed cameras?

The newer fixed cameras use Redflex radar. Some detectors such as Genevo Pro NZ and Stinger VIP will detect that technology, but as the cameras never move all you need is a GPS enabled radar detector.

Do radar detectors interfere with car electronics?

In-car electronics or drive assist systems are not affected by radar detectors.

Can I get a radar jammer?

Radar jammer technology, also referred to as a radar blocker or scrambler, are mythical products that simply do not exist.  

Will radar-assisted cruise control cause false alerts?

Many modern cars have radar-assisted adaptive cruise control and anti-collision functions built in.  Our detectors will filter out these systems meaning fewer false alerts.

Can I hardwire my window mounted radar detector?

Yes!  Although many newer cars aren't as simple.  Most of the cars we work on such as BMW, McLaren, Audi, Ferrari and others have very complex power supply systems and an incorrectly wired radar detector can cause error messages on the car's computer.  Trust the experienced experts at Rapid Radio.

Why is the Valentine 1 or V1 radar detector so popular?

To be honest, we aren't fans, and it's nowhere near as popular or tech savvy as it was twenty years ago.  As a basic radar detector with front and rear arrows, it's fine if it's cheap enough. But there are so many more features available "out of the box" on almost every other window mounted radar detector we sell, it makes the Valentine 1 virtually obsolete.   Even the arrows aren't unique anymore with Escort releasing the MAX 360 several years ago.

The Valentine 1 went out of production several years ago.  The replacement was the creatively name Valentine 1 Gen 2.  New housing, same radar, but now with Bluetooth inside so you can pair it with a phone to do some of the things Escort, Unidena nd Genevo already do out of the box WITHOUT an app.

Yeah, still not fans.

My old radar detector doesn't go off every time I see a police car.  Is it faulty?

It only detects police radar, and not every police car has radar installed.

Why do I get so many alerts on K band?

K-band is the frequency range that mobile speed camera vans operate on.  It's also the same frequency range that many other radar assisted systems use, such as motion sensing doors in retail stores, speed display signs on the side of the road, and many other every scenarios.  Unless you have a smart detector such as the Stinger VIP, consider turning off the entire K band frequency.  

What is X Band and why is turned OFF on my detector?

X band is not used in New Zealand by police.  Leave it turned off unless you like false alerts and random beeps that aren't related to anything.