BEL XR (STi) Magnum

BEL XR (STi) Magnum

No longer available in New Zealand. Check out the Escort REDLINE EX or Uniden R3nz instead.

BEL-XR Magnum i SAFETY RADAR DETECTOR (Exclusive International Model) The “Bel XR Magnum I” is an exclusive international model modified with an expanded K Band range to 24.10Ghz to detect the new Redflex mobile speed cameras in Australia and New Zealand. 

• XR Magnum i provides the longest-range warning of any detector ever made, for radar and laser speed traps. 60% performance increase on the previous XR.

• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Virtually Eliminates False Alerts.

• Tested in Australia (radars are illegal in most of Oz) to confirm it is undetectable to all Radar Detector Detectors. Its advanced technology should see it remain undetectable for the foreseeable future.

• Provides a 1km warning via Safety Warning System Technology to warn of road hazards and emergency vehicles where transmitters are fitted.


• Amazing 60% Performance Improvement

• Exclusive TotalShield™ Technology

• All Australian & New Zealand Radar/Laser Band Coverage

• Clear Digital Voice and Audio Alerts

• Mute and AutoMute™ Audio Controls

• Easy-to-Use Options and Controls

• Expanded K Band to 23.95 GHz.

• Ultra-Bright High Definition Display

• Multi-Sensor Laser Protection 360 degrees

• Brightness Control with Dark Mode

• Undetectable to Aussie made Stalcar  RDD

• Magnesium Construction

• Advanced AutoScan™ Processing

• Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Virtually Eliminates False Alerts

• One-year limited warranty

• Dimensions: 3.2 x 7.0 x 12.1cm

No longer available in New Zealand. Check out the super powerful Escort REDLINE EX instead.

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