McLaren radar and laser protection

McLaren radar and laser protection

McLaren Radar Detectors

Get our "life saving" and 100% legal radar and laser system in your McLaren.

We can supply and install a permanently hardwired power supply for your window mounted radar detector.  We have the best detectors from the most reliable brands such as Escort, Genevo and Uniden.

Alternatively, get a fully installed stealth system with the latest technology such as touch screen remote, gesture control, and removable display.

Key advantages of a fully installed radar detector:

  • Will never be stolen
  • No wires hanging off your windscreen
  • You'll never forget to take it on a trip with you
  • Less "in your face" should you ever be pulled over
  • Virtually invisible
  • 100% LEGAL

Our fully installed radar detector options

Genevo Pro NZ

Genevo Pro II


Stinger VIP

Read more about our full range of radar and laser protection systems, along with some of the common questions and myths regarding radar detectors in New Zealand.  Radar Detector FAQ.

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