CarPlay + AndroidAuto best apps for New Zealand

CarPlay + AndroidAuto best apps for New Zealand

The most common use for CarPlay and AndroidAuto is "maps". 

It is the most efficiant way to get GPS navigation into your car.  Using Google Maps, Apple Maps or Waze, the maps are always up to date.  You get traffic updates, travel times, and road closure detour info in real time.  No need to unplug your antique TomTom, Navman or Garmin GPS unit just update it on your home PC.

But theres more to CarPlay and Android Auto than just maps!

Here's some great apps that really come to life on a CarPlay or Android stereo:


  • Spotify - it's a a pretty big deal.  Music, podcasts, streaming radio.
  • Deezer - like Spotify, but much higher audio quality
  • Tidal - lossless CD-like quality streaming music
  • YouTube Music -  if you have a Premium account on Youtube, you get ad-free youtube PLUS YouTube Music is included, ad-free.  Bonus!
  • SoundCloud - a huge independant range of artist releases and remixes
  • Pocket Casts - one of the most popular Podcast apps
  • MixCloud - podcasts and DJ mixes
  • iHeart Radio - streaming radio and podcasts
  • Rova streaming radio - streaming radio and podcasts
  • Radio Garden - actually, not sure if this is fully compatible but it's a FUN app!
  • New Zealand Radio Streaming - again, might be Android Auto/CarPlay compatible but still an AWESOME app you should have
  • Libby - audiobooks and ebooks from local libraries worldwide
  • Audible - huge range of audio books and podcasts
  • Podcast Addict - arguably the best Android dedicated podcast app on the market
Spotify on Android Auto CarPlay


Some of these may be restricted to either AndroidAuto or CarPlay.  

  • Facebook messenger - no video or audio calling but messages work fine
  • WhatsApp - similar restrictions with no video calling
  • Zoom - yes, it works, but no, the video part isn't enabled.  Voice only.
  • ParkMate - find and pay for your casual parking with ParkMate
  • Telegram - another popular-ish messaging app

We can add CarPlay and AndroidAuto to many late model European cars that fall into that "not quite new enough" to have had it done from new.  

Or, we can add CarPlay and/or AndroidAuto car stereos to anything else.  if the car is cable of having the stereo replaced, we have a huge range that will do everything you need.

A variety of screen sizes right up to 11" tablets, along with Wireless AndroidAuto or Wireless Carplay variations.

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