Top 3 reasons to get a stealth installed radar detector

Top 3 reasons to get a stealth installed radar detector

Window mounted radar detectors have been around for decades.

The alternative is a fully installed stealth radar detector.

Top advantages of the stealth installed radar detectors:

1. Tidy!

No untidy and distracting wires or cables hanging from your windscreen.  

2.  Security!

Nothing to steal! With virtually no visible components, the chances of someone smashing your window are slim.

3.  Generally just better

Better range!  Just the receiver antenna head itself on an installed detector is about the same size as an entire window mount device. 

The window mount has the radar antenna AND all the electronics crammed into a small enclosure. 

They're good, but the larger exposed component in a stealth detector will generally get better results, albeit hard to measure definitively.  

So Many Options

Many consider Escort's fully installed Max CI to be the best of the best, and the older Escort 9500ci was probably the logical choice before alternatives existed.  However, Rapid Radio has been working with a number of international manufacturers to bring the largest range of installed detectors to New Zealand.  

From the K40 Electronics in the USA - the K40 RL200i and RL360i

From the Genevo team in the Czech Republic - the Genevo Pro NZ

From Stinger in Holland - the Stinger VIP


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