Upgrade ANY car audio system

Upgrade ANY car audio system

Once upon a time, upgrading your car audio was a much more straight forward process which started with replacing the stereo head unit.

But in nearly every modern car, there just isn't a plain stereo in the dash anymore. 

You simply can't change the stereo, because there isn't one.

But it's not over.  You CAN improve the sound without changing the dash.  

If you just want a touch more treble, clearer vocals, just a little more bass, or maybe a LOT more bass, we can do it.

Changing just the tweeters or entire front components might be enough, adding a tiny, compact sub or replacing the factory sub might make all the difference.  

It could be that all you need is more power, and better control over that power.

An amplified digital sound processor (ADSP) works as a go-between to get the signal out of the factory source (CD, radio, Bluetooth, CarPlay, etc) into new speakers (front components, rear fill, subwoofer, even centre front, centre rear).

The processor also solves the problem of having no clean RCA output from the factory stereo.  When we're forced to use the speaker level outputs, the processor helps "clean" the signal. 

The multichannel DSP amp (ADSP) not only amplifies and adds power to the sound but also allows us to adjust every part of the sound.  It's like having a 30 band equalizer for each speaker, including the individual tweeters.    You no longer have to rely on just the bass/treble/balance/fader in the factory stereo.


ADSP amplifiers can be the straight forward and more cost effective way to replace a faulty factory amplier such as a Bose, JBL, or Harmon Kardon system among others which are common in a range of cars like Audi, Porsche, Mazda, Range Rover, Toyota, and plenty more.

Zapco ADSP processor

It's the heart of an entire audio system upgrade.

We have ADSP options from the best brands including Alpine, Zapco, Rainbow, Hertz, Audison and others depending on stock availibilty.