What is Android Auto?

What is Android Auto?

Android Auto allows Android smartphones to interact with your car stereo.  

If your car doesn't have Android Auto (and/or Apple CarPlay) built in but the stereo can be changed, we have a range of aftermarket Android Auto head units from KenwoodSonyPioneer and Alpine - see our entire Android Auto lineup here

Touch screen Bluetooth stereos are common and have been improving for a decade.  Now you can have Android Auto pull useful features from your smartphone and let you interact on the stereo screen.

Android Auto is the easiest way to get up to date navigation GPS and real-time traffic on your car stereo screen using Waze or Google Maps, text messaging, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more.  While it might sound distracting, once you see/hear Android Auto working, it's easy to understand that the system will limit what you can do physically do, forcing most actions to be verbal.  This means you can "talk" to the stereo to respond to messages without looking at it, and it will read responses back aloud.

See a full list of compatible Android Auto apps here.

To answer our most commonly asked question, YouTube and Netflix are NOT compatible with Android Auto.