Zapco ADSP-Z12 IV-10A multichannel ADSP amplifier
Zapco ADSP-Z12 IV-10A multichannel ADSP amplifier
Zapco ADSP-Z12 IV-10A multichannel ADSP amplifier
Zapco ADSP-Z12 IV-10A multichannel ADSP amplifier

Zapco ADSP-Z12 IV-10A multichannel ADSP amplifier

Zapco ADSP-Z12 IV-10A

12 channel DSP, 10 channel amplifier

Features and Functions

  • DSP Processor: Cirrus Logic CS47048
    - Power: 150 MHz/32 bit/192 KHz
    - 12-Channels
    - ADC: Cirrus Logic CS47048 32 bit/192 KHz
    - ADC Dynamic Range/THD: 108 dB/-98 dB
    - DAC: Cirrus Logic CS47048 32 bit/192 KHz
    - DAC Dynamic Range/THD: 140 dB/-120 dB
    - Low level (Pre)/Sensitivity: 1-5 VRMS
    - High Level (Spk In)/Sens.: 2-20 V
    - Optical Digital IN: 24 bit-192 KHz
    - Coaxial Digital IN: 24 bit-192 KHz
    - Frequency Response (-3dB): 10 Hz - 22.5 KHz
    - S/N Input: 110 dBA (D) - 106 dBA (A)
    - S/N Ratio Amp + DSP at max. power: 95 dBA
    - THD+N Input: 0,002% (D) - 0,005% (A)
    - THD+N Amplif. + DSP Analog Input: 0,07 %
    - Crosstalk at 1 Khz only DSP: 90 dB
    - Crosstalk Amplifier + DSP: 45 dB
    - Amp Power @ 4Ω: 10 x 80 watts
    - Amp Power @ 2Ω: 10 x 120 watts
    - Amp Power @ 4Ω Bridged: 5 x 240 watts
    - F/R EQ: 1-6 ch Gr. & Par./31 poles
    - Effect EQ: 7-8 ch Gr. & Par./11 poles
    - Mute/Solo: Yes, each channel
    - Time Align. (Range/Steps): 0/15 ms / 0.02 ms
    - Max Delay (Cm/Steps): 515 cm / 0.68 cm
    - Polarity: 0/180°
    - Remote Control included
    - HD-BT Streaming (with optional HD-BT II-D)
    - PC/Display Connection: USB/6-pin Mini DIN
    - Dimensions (mm): 213(W) x 291(L) x 50(H)

About Zapco - new to New Zealand.

At Zapco, we’ve been doing the same thing in the same place for almost 40 years, constantly searching out innovative ways to bring better sound to the automotive environment. Why do we do it? Nothing else can grab your soul and bring tears to your eyes like music. Music will make you tap your feet, and dance for joy. Of all the arts, music has the most powerful and immediate effect on your body and your mind. Reproducing music in all its glory, and it’s subtleness, and its detail deserves nothing less than our best efforts.

Because Sound Matters.

Committed to Excellence
ZAPCO is dedicated to the pursuit of audio fidelity. Our prime objectives are to design and manufacture audio products of unsurpassed quality, to provide unparalleled support and service for these products and to conduct business in a manner that will enhance the quality of life for all involved.

Experience: Knowledge From Doing
There is absolutely no substitute for experience; that is a simple fact of life. Another simple fact is that ZAPCO has, for over forty-two years, been the leader in defining quality standards for the car audio industry. These years of experience have led to a thorough understanding of the challenges that are unique to the world of car audio. ZAPCO’s relentless quest for sonic purity consistently yields imaginative designs that utilize the most innovative technologies. The resulting products set the criteria by which all others in the industry are judged.

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