Reversing Backing Cameras

We can fit a backing camera to any car, van or truck.  We add a small and discrete screen to your rear view mirror or dash, or we may be able to integrate the reverse camera with your car's factory screen.

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The camera itself can be installed to look just like it was done at the factory.  
Mercedes reverse camera


Display Options

On some cars, we can run the reverse camera image on the factory screen, usually newer European cars such as Porsche, Aston Martin, BMW, Mercedes Benz, etc along with a few Japanese brands as well.  

Alternatively, we can either clip a mirror/screen over your current reverse mirror, or we can replace your reverse mirror entirely. The new mirror will look factory - until you put the car in reverse.  That's when 1/3rd of the mirror turns into a screen so you can have a clear view of what's behind you, or perfectly line up the boat trailer.


Not JUST Reverse Cameras

What about front cameras to monitor the front lip of your car?  What about side cameras in the wing mirrors that show the curb when parking?  What about virtual rear mirrors in commercial vehicles with no rear window? If you need to see better outside of your vehicle, we can probably help.

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