Ford Audio Upgrade SYSTEM THREE

Ford Audio Upgrade SYSTEM THREE

The best of everything audio - power, clarity, and full control

Factory audio upgrade for late model Ford F-150, Raptor, Everest, Ranger and Wildtrak.

Ford Upgrade System Three Includes:

  • Multichannel DSP amp/processor
  • Dedicated sub amplifier
  • 6x9 component speakers and tweeters
  • Rear speaker upgrade by Hertz, Audison, ESB, Rainbow or Focal. 
  • Dual 6" compact subwoofer (fits behind rear seat)
  • Sound deadening (front/rear doors)
  • Labour

What this all means
  • The multichannel DSP amp allows us to adjust every part of the sound - it's like having a 30-band equalizer for every speaker, including the individual tweeters.   You no longer have to rely on just the bass/treble/balance/fader in the factory stereo.
  • The processor also solves the problem of having no clean RCA output from the factory stereo.  As we have to use the speaker level outputs, the processor helps "clean" the signal.
  • The sound deadening helps reduce acoustic loss.  The door acts as a speaker enclosure, and as the door skin vibrates, the energy that would normally be turned into sound simply gets lost as vibrations instead of sound.
  • The front doors in the latest Ranger, Wildtrack, Everest and Raptor take 6x9 speakers, which is not a common fit in modern cars.  Quality 6x9 component speakers (main woofer with separate tweeter) are hard to get, so we secure some of the best available from key brands such as ESB, Audison, Rainbow, Focal and Hertz.

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