Ford Audio Upgrade SYSTEM TWO

Ford Audio Upgrade SYSTEM TWO

Better bass, more control upgrade

Ford Upgrade System Two Includes:

  • Multichannel DSP amp with remote
  • Italian brand 6x9" component speaker/tweeter
  • Compact subwoofer
  • Sound deadening (front doors)
  • Cable kit and minor parts
  • Labour

How this system works
  • The ADSP amplifier drives your new front speakers along with the original factory rear speakers.  Combined with giving you just a little more power on the vocals of your favourite songs, the ADSP also allows you to shape and manipulate the overall sound based on the type of music most important to you.  The amplifier is hidden under a seat or behind the rear bench seat - nothing to see, nothing to become a target for thieves.

  • The sound deadening helps reduce acoustic loss.  The door acts as a speaker enclosure, and as the door skin vibrates, the energy turned into sound gets lost as vibration instead.
  • The slim sub fits under the driver seat.  It produces the perfect amount of bass so that you definitely know it's there, but it's not going to set off car alarms or upset the neighbours.   Plus, like the amp it's invisible - nobody will smash your window to steal it.

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