Tesla Audio Upgrade - SYSTEM THREE

Tesla Audio Upgrade - SYSTEM THREE

Tesla Audio Upgrade

Don't rely on an unknown overseas online name selling a Tesla upgrade box.  While it might actually activate the hidden Tesla speakers, it's not improving the sound.  It's not giving you any more control over the same music you were listening to. 

More speakers means more places for the same sound to come from.  The same sound, but from more places.  Not better sound.  

TRUE Audio Upgrades for Tesla Model Y, Model X, Model 3 and Model S.

New speakers, amplifiers, processors, small, hidden subwoofers and complete control via apps and Bluetooth mean you can have a better system than anything done at the factory,


  • Multichannel ADSP amp processor
  • Front speaker/tweeter upgrade (Hertz/Rainbow/Audison)
  • Rear speaker upgrade
  • Mono amp
  • Compact subwoofer
  • Power kit, cables, minor parts
  • Sound deadening (front/rear doors)
  • Labour

What this all means

  • The multichannel ADSP processor amp allows us to adjust every part of the sound - it's like having a 30-band equalizer for every speaker, including the individual tweeters.   You no longer have to rely on just the bass/treble/balance/fader in the factory controls.
  • The processor also solves the problem of having no clean RCA output from the factory stereo.  As we have to use the speaker level outputs, the processor helps "clean" the signal.
  • The sound deadening helps reduce acoustic loss.  The door acts as a speaker enclosure, and as the door skin vibrates, the energy that would normally be turned into sound simply gets lost as vibrations instead of sound.

What this system does:

Think about it - you spend most of your time in this car in the front seats, and so the main focus of the upgrade is in the front door speakers.  

We're mainly recommending a basic rear speaker upgrade to handle a little more power.  You could choose to keep the rear speakers and adjust the final price slightly. 

The use of the ADSP multichannel amplifier/processor DSP processor allows us to fine tune the system and gives you more control over the sound.

Even the factory activated subwoofer can be replaced, but with something that will handle a little extra power AND give you complete control.  If you don't have a factory sub, we can one under the floor in the rear cargo area or find the right sub to suit your needs anywhere in the car.

This system comes with a remote so you can adjust the sound or reduce the amount of bass, paticularly usefull if you switch between music and podcasts or talkback radio.

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