Tesla Audio Upgrade - SYSTEM TWO

Tesla Audio Upgrade - SYSTEM TWO

Tesla Audio Upgrades

Why trust a no-brand box from an faceless overseas online retailer, just to "enable hidden speakers" in your Tesla.   Yes, it can work but is it an actual audio improvement? 

More speakers doesn't guarantee better sound, just more speakers playing the same sound.

New speakers, amplifiers, processors, small, hidden subwoofers and complete control via apps and Bluetooth mean you can have a better system than anything that was installed and hidden at the factory.


  • Amplification of factory front speakers
  • Compact and slim subwoofer
  • 3 channel amplification (front speakers, sub)
  • Power kit, cables, minor parts
  • Bass remote
  • Sound deadening (front doors)
  • Labour

What this system does:

Amplifying the front speakers (in the front, where you spend most of your time in the car) and utilising a small subwoofer completely transforms the way you hear your favouite songs.

Even if your Tesla has an activated subwoofer, we can still replace it with something capable of producing better audio, along with control over it.  

This system comes with a bass remote so you can reduce the amount of bass - essential if you want to listen to podcasts or talkback radio.  Often this is the most important factor - control.  Not every song is produced the same, not every road (and road noise cancelling) are the same.  

The front speakers paired with more power via the new amplifier provides the control and volume that the factory Tesla system can't compete with. 

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